Definition of Fashion from Fashion Designer’s Point of View

Fashion designing and modeling have been a growing industry with lot of scope then one could have imagined. What makes these fashion designers different from common people and how do fashion designers see fashion?

Here we are going to discuss the meaning of fashion from famous Fashion Designer, Brent Emerson’s point of view. The meaning of fashion is confined term and could not be explained easily. Brent Emerson has established the meaning of fashion with his creativity.

He and has established stores in Arizona and North Carolina. Brent Emerson has different perspective of fashion and he has given his perspective in general form, which is described as below.

1. Fashion Designers Create Fashion

Unlike general public that sees fashion and appreciates or criticizes them; fashion designers are the ones that need to create new sense of fashion. There is a lot in process of creating and promoting a new “trend”. They are the one who constantly work and research on what trend can be promoted that would bring success

2. Fashion Designer Sees Creativity

For them newer models and designs is just part of their inherent or acquired creativity, they see fashion as a means of expressing their creativity just like a painter who expresses by their paintings or a poet that expresses by their poetry. The humongous creativity ways and options in the fashion industry is what makes the trend go up and down

3. They Regularly Check the Pulse

Not the arterial pulse for checking the pulse rate or heart rate but rather the pulse of the audience; fashion designers learn from those fashion designs and models which were not in “trend”, they study and research on why the general public didn’t accept it, they make improvements or change the designs and models accordingly to match the pulse of the audience. This part of fashion industry is very exhausting in nature because of the globalization of the entire fashion industry.

4. They Love Their Job

The first 3 points might make one feel that fashion designers go through a lot of stress, well maybe they do, but what keeps them going is how much they love their job that makes Mountains of stress just dust for them! Love of fashion and arguably creating makes them unique and stands out from the rest of the people.

5. Their Remuneration

This might not be the primary way in which fashion designers see fashion but their payment is very high if they are successful in their fields, having high payment is obviously not a bad thing at all!

Fashion designers therefore have a very unique and out of the box approach to fashion which most of the people sadly do not appreciate, the rich and famous do appreciate them, but they are the one that tirelessly works to bring out what’s best for the people that further brings a sense of unity and hope for the people who ends up following the trend they make!

Thus, Brent Emerson has described fashion in his own terms and has stores in Arizona and North Carolina.